How to Start Punch Needle Embroidery

Posted by Yao Li on

DIY Rug Hooking Punch Needle Embroidery HandCraft can improve your hands-on ability and make you feel more fulfilled. Whether you are looking to stitch that perfect gift, or perhaps something to fill your own home with, explore the range of rug hooking. Ecological Punch Needle kit for beginners, Adjustable punch needle kit for starters This Ecological Punch needle kit for beginners includes all you need to get started with punching. With step by step instructions and plenty of extra fabric, you will have sufficient materials to experiment. The eco punch needle kit includes multiple patterns as inspiration. And of course, you...

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How to paint by numbers with skill.

Posted by Teresa Liu on

Paint by numbers are often referred to as DIY Digital paintings. In recent years of Chinese art field, new and vigorous vitality has been continuously exhibited. Many people are trying to reach a new type of diy artwork such as Paint by numbers, which becomes a favorite art product. One of the great pleasures of Paint by numbers is that you can have no foundation before, but in the process of painting, you will naturally find some techniques.Faced with a lot of complicated lines and numbers, you will expect more and more finished works as you slowly fill the complete color blocks....

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