How to paint by numbers with skill.

How to  paint by numbers with skill.

Paint by numbers are often referred to as DIY Digital paintings. In recent years of Chinese art field, new and vigorous vitality has been continuously exhibited. Many people are trying to reach a new type of diy artwork such as Paint by numbers, which becomes a favorite art product.

One of the great pleasures of Paint by numbers is that you can have no foundation before, but in the process of painting, you will naturally find some techniques.Faced with a lot of complicated lines and numbers, you will expect more and more finished works as you slowly fill the complete color blocks. It's like watching a paper that I don't know how to start and finally get excited and satisfied with more than 10,000 words.

How to Paint by numbers?


1.Paint by numbers have been favored by countless friends in the contemporary era. Ancient traditional oil paintings have been passed down to the present day, and these oil paintings are modern treasures, with very important epochal significance,and high culture value.

2.Nowadays, many people in the era have joined the ranks of Paint by numbers to have fun. Paint by numbers has played a very important role in today's era. Some skills for digital painting are as follows:)

3.Start with a light color, such as white, light yellow, etc(white or light yellow). Because the acrylic pigment has coverage, even if it is wrong, it can be modified after the pigment is dried.

4.It is recommended to apply the pigment twice. The light color can be painted more times than the black number, but it should be repeated after the pigment is dried. The pigment should be as thick as possible, so that it has the effect of oil painting, and try to keep the stroke in the same direction.

5.When painting ,Please remember to cover the boundary line with deeper color to ensure the painting looks vivid.

6.The acrylic paint is easy to dry .Please close the lid to ensure the seal prevents the pigment from drying out.However, acrylic paint are water soluble, even if the pigment dry but it can be dissolved in water.

7.After the painting is finished, You can coated your paint by numbers with a  brightener after it is dried .The effect of the brightener can make the color more beautiful and highlight the stroke of the oil painting. In addition, a protective film is formed on the screen to avoid the trouble of long time cleaning.

8.The brightener needs only a thin layer, and it can be dried in 24 hours after being painted. This step can be based on personal preference, because the acrylic paint originally has a certain luster, and the brightener only guarantees the long-term stability in time.

In fact, only after you make the painting by yourself, can you feel the charm of digital paint by numbers

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