How to Start Punch Needle Embroidery

How to Start Punch Needle Embroidery

DIY Rug Hooking Punch Needle Embroidery HandCraft can improve your hands-on ability and make you feel more fulfilled. Whether you are looking to stitch that perfect gift, or perhaps something to fill your own home with, explore the range of rug hooking.

Ecological Punch Needle kit for beginners, Adjustable punch needle kit for starters

This Ecological Punch needle kit for beginners includes all you need to get started with punching. With step by step instructions and plenty of extra fabric, you will have sufficient materials to experiment. The eco punch needle kit includes multiple patterns as inspiration. And of course, you can also make your own design. The kit comes with 100% ecological Lanita wool, and Gordita wool. Both premium wool qualities that works very well with this punch needle and fabric.
Ok, let us start to do such cute stuff, here is what you need:
1. Scissors
2. Using Tools:
Including: punch needle, fishline( in Order to Thread the Needle)
3. Kit
Let's start!
First, you can draw the picture on it, or you can buy one with pic on it already, like this, and our product is all drawn already for you 
Secondly, you have to get everything prepared before you start. You should make sure the thread passes through the needle correctly.
And finally, you can start it, you can see how does the basic step of it, and there have many videos about how to start punch needle and have a lot of a different kind of it.
Hope you will enjoy this journey.

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