40Pcs Art Sketching Professional Drawing Pencils Set Charcoals Graphite Pencils Supplies

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.High-quality: the processing of logs, the pens are evenly colored, the wood is specially softened, the sound is crisp, and the pen is saved. The top of the pen is covered with a dipping process for easy access
.The effect is good: the tone of the charcoal is not reflective, the color is thick, and it has stronger visual impact than the pencil. It can be painted, wiped, wiped, and can be processed by lines or blocks. It can make a very rich tone. Change; lead core has good seismic performance and is durable
.User-friendly design: The double-head extender is equipped so that no small pencils are wasted. The zip-type folding pencil case is finely crafted, with built-in kraft paperboard and sponge, which can be used to stand. It is easy to carry and shockproof.
.Rich configuration: contains 12 sketch drawing pencils (2H/3H/4H/5H/HB/B/2B/3B/4B/5B/6B/8B, 4 powder brushes, 3 charcoal pencils (soft, medium and hard) , 1 6B graphite pencil, 2 paper pens, 1 double pencil extender, 1 metal utility knife, 1 box of willow branches, 3 carbon rods, 3 graphite rods, 1 sandpaper block, 1 white Eraser, 1 double hole metal pencil sharpener, 1 single hole plastic pencil sharpener, 1 soft eraser.
.Suitable for painting enthusiasts and art professionals, can be used for copying, painting, going out to sketch, etc.


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Wood
.Product Weight: 650g
.Package Dimensions: 29.7*19.6*3.3cm
.Package Weight: 700g
.Packing: Black Nylon Bag

Package Content:

.12 x Sketch Drawing Pencil
.4 x Powder Brush
.3 x Charcoal
.1 x Graphite Pencil
.2 x Paper and Pen
.1 x Double Pencil Extender
.1 x Metal Utility Knife
.4 x Willow Branches/Box
.3 x Charcoal Rod
.3 x Graphite Rod
.1 x Sandpaper Block
.1 x White Eraser
.1 x Double Hole Metal Pencil Sharpener
.1 x Single Hole Plastic Pencil Sharpener
.1 x Soft Eraser
.1 x Nylon Bag