51Pcs Colored Professional Drawing Pencil Set Artist Tools Kit

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51Pcs Colored Pencil Set Professional Colored Drawing Pencils Set Artist Tools Kit


.High-quality: no wood-soluble water-soluble color lead. After painting, it can be colored with water and a brush, and then it will produce a rich color effect. The refill pen is smooth and the material used is 3 times that of ordinary color lead materials. Color lead natural mineral pigments, rich in color, easy to color
.The effect is good: the water-soluble pencil color can be mixed to produce a watercolor-like effect, which is easier to control than the traditional watercolor. The lead core has good seismic performance and is durable. The paper wiper can be used for painting and decontamination. Wipe out the sly painting effect. Art pencil sharpener can be rolled without wood, with wooden pencil, sharp blade
.User-friendly design: The double-head extender is equipped to make even small pencils not wasted. The zippered folding pencil case is finely crafted with built-in kraft paperboard and sponge. It is easy to carry and shockproof.
.Scope of application: Suitable for painting enthusiasts and art professionals, can be used for copying, painting, going out to sketch, etc.


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Wood
.Product Weight: 600g
.Package Dimensions: 28.5*21.3*3cm
.Package Weight: 650g
.Packing: Black Nylon Bag

Package Content:

.22 x Colored Lead
.10 x No Wood Colored Lead
.12 x Color Stick
.1 x White Eraser
.1 x Metal Pencil Sharpener
.1 x Brush
.1 x Sandpaper
.1 x Double Extender
.1 x 0.25 Black Pen
.1 x Paper and Pen