A Cat On The Sunflower-40*50cm DIY Paint by Numbers Kits with Frame for Wall Decoration

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Lazy cat sleeping on the sunflower, sunflower living for chasing the sun, Tagore says:" Life be beautiful like summer flower and dieth like autumn leaves." Keep this in your mind and have it to encourage you all the time to keep shining like the diamond. 


Product Parameters: Specifications: 11CT 3 strands. DIY Cross stitch can be used as a decorative painting for the living room, bedroom, and study. It is also a gift for family, friends, and couples. You can also develop patience and concentration during the production process, and relax. Prevent you from Alzheimer.

High Quality: The quality of the embroidered cloth is high, the square is full, the toughness is good, and the storage time is long. The soluble prints are vivid, the color blocks and symbols are clear, saving time. The eco-cotton thread is not easy to break, does not lint, feels smooth, and is environmentally friendly. The blunt-ended gold tail needle is not easy to rust, the hole is large, and the thread is easy to through


Product Configuration: Including embroidered cloth, embroidery thread, embroidery needle, drawing, and English version of the manual, the characters are clear and easy to distinguish, you can more intuitively to complete the whole work. It has aesthetic value and collection value.

Introduction to Cross Stitch: Dedicated embroidery thread and cross plaid, the use of interlacing of warp and weft, embroidered with a special coordinate pattern, anyone can embroider.Has a long history and profound cultural connotation.

Tips: The print on the cross stitch is water-soluble, and it needs to be washed off when it is embroidered. Therefore, the embroidered cloth should be protected from moisture or water when embroidering. Make sure your hands are dry when embroidering, otherwise it may cause the print to fade.

Package Content:

.1Set x Cross-stitch(No frame)